Yellowstone, first day

Yellowstone is the most impressive park in the west and Camille?s favourite as i am still today regularly reminded. You really need to go there once in your life! The park is as large as Corsica, with an intense volcanic activity, a varied wildlife (bison, bear, moose, coyotes, wolves, deer…) and an incredible geological diversity (geothermal areas, calcareous concretions, canyons). This park is alive, breathing, moving! The main roads in Yellowstone are describing a big 8. On this first day, we are focusing on the lower part of the 8: Lower Geyser Basin – Old Faithfull – West Thumb. The magic of bacterias colouring in such a variety of colours the basins, the show and melody of the geysers and the sulphur presence in the park air leaves us flabbergasted!

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