Walk in Fira

As I said yesterday, we came away with the rain. Well I’ll complete the end of the day and night yesterday . Once back at the hotel , the rain ceased gradually. The temperature is rising and the wind rose . In the night, in addition to the wind, the rain has returned , and the storm came on the scene . The whole formed a joyous concert , although sound . But the funny thing is the result . We sleep in the loft studio , and a tiny window at the head of our bed. The part of this window does not close completely. Now that I asked you the scenery , imagine at night, with the concert previously mentioned, that virus hear like water falling drop by drop . The storm was already having a little up, I tell myself that it is water dripping because of the flap. Not far, but not that. Camille then wakes me completely by saying that we take water. In fact , water drop on our mattresses and on our pillows . Fantastic. Camille then closes the door which was opened by the action of wind. I get clean towels to mop . And we take two spare pillows in the wardrobe. Once the perimeter to secure new , back in the arms of Morpheus .
After a night of restless sleep , I wake up like the old Camille before (and even earlier than the day before) , and I want to go take pictures in Oia . 45mn photos, and not a tourist on the horizon: nice! Return around 9:15 , we have time to prepare ourselves and take our breakfast before going to wait for the bus that will take us to Fira.
Fortunately we leave a little early because the bus runs with a good ten minutes early. Not really want to wait 30 minutes the next . We do file before Fira, in the small neighboring village of Firostefani . This is where I spotted a picture item . In fact , it is from this village that the photo ultra classic ‘ blue dome and bell tower on the seabed is taken . I will not deprive myself . We spend a little time and I hope to have found lesons views .
We then descend to the village and we stopped in a cafe. Camille wants a cappuccino and I enjoy my first holiday fresh orange juice. We then drive along the coast to Fira. We walk through the streets of the city. I do not take pictures now because the sun is now misdirected. It was not until 2am. So in the meantime, Camille did a little shopping while I look for a point of view. We have time to go to lunch quietly . And around 15h , I can finally take some pictures . I do not want to wait any longer, even if it would have been better because I want to do the sunset in Oia …
16h , we leave we take the bus back to the hotel . The bus is shielded and we travel standing in the driveway. After a short break at the hotel , we leave at Oia, on a spot that I spotted the day before and that seems ideal for sunset. This allows me to have a foreground subject , a mill , and the sun in the background, if it is not hidden by clouds. It will be limited today but it can be very pretty. And this is the case . We see again the solar disk disappear into the sea, and it is always so beautiful .
We approach the prettiest mill, which is on private property . I found the picture I was looking for yesterday, and although the sun is down point we are still in the ‘golden hour’ , the golden hour , so I took advantage . The photos are very nice air.
We leave the hotel, but as there is still a little light , I make a last stop at the old castle to take one last photo .
We spent a beautiful day .

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