The longest day

As announced yesterday, we lie to 22h past and we get up at 3am. Very short night , especially Camille who has not slept too . I am so tired that I slept well for 4 h . The taxi picks us up at 3:20 and we arrive at the airport at 4am . Our flight will take off at 5:30 am and arrive in Santorini at 6:15 . The flight goes well I comate ! The second day of the taxi we had booked ahead with the small sign with my name. Towards the famous village of Oia. At 7am , we are at the hotel whose reception does not open until 8am. Come on, an hour waiting in the morning : Camille settled on a sun lounger and tries to extend its short night, and I take out my camera and I try to find an interesting subject enjoying the sunrise .
The reception opens at last. Our room will be ready at noon so we left our bags and we go to visit Oia. This is surely the best time to visit this small village so photogenic . The bus carrying the hordes of tourists from the cruise ships are not yet upon us. We have around 1 hour before the invasion. A pleasant hour because it is a beautiful and hot day what lies ahead. We remain on site until hunger gnaws us and reminds us of the time it’s time to get our room.
On the path leading us to the hotel , we stopped to buy rice , tomatoes , tuna … Our room is actually a small studio that will allow us to prepare our meals or rather an essential element of our meals this week: a huge salad of rice.
We take this sunny afternoon at the pool . It’s nice and it allows me to recover. It was only around 16:30 I start to shake me . I must prepare for the pictures of late afternoon and sunset . So I go back to Oia , leaving Camille rest. She will join me later. The site where I’ll go ask my tripod is one of the most popular for the sunset in Oia . For me, this site is perfect if you want to take the village photo with beautiful light . However, I can not understand why there is so many people on this site just take the solar disk that plunges into the ocean. I ‘m not saying that this sunset is beautiful, because I took the opportunity to admire and I confess that it was beautiful. But there are plenty of other places with far fewer people. To think that people like to cram … a bit like the Paris metro .
These good words ( proving that I ‘m a little more shape), I’ll let you look at the pictures .

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