Rain is coming

After a good night’s rest, I am the first to get up. The time is well covered since yesterday. It comes in one night to pick up a nice set of clouds . And when I say beautiful , is that it looks interesting photographically . I prepared quickly and I go to Oia. This turns out to be a great idea. I do some shots for about 1:30 . The game between the sun and the clouds is very interesting and helps to highlight the domes and spiers of the city. Unfortunately, it does not last and clouds take more precedence over the sun. It ‘s time to go .
I find Camille on a lounger but covered , trying to enjoy the last rays of sun of the day. I agree to do so.
We did well because the weather turns more . Fi afternoon , we return to Oia to go around a bit, but this time the rain gets involved and takes us back to our hotel pronto .
Day finally much quieter than the previous one but it feels good . Hopefully the sky changes again tomorrow .

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