Parga, the sea seen from the land

After a rainy night , the weather was great … almost. There is yet a microclimate above Parga, but it should not last . We will promptly activate the plan B after breakfast : milestone of the day should not miss as it may cause tremors and itching of the jaw in some people. Any reference to actual events that took place in Boston, MA, USA is completely coincidental !
While this famous plan B is a short hike that allows Parga go to another beach that Lichnos , through the small chapel of Saints Helena. What can I say except that it is an excellent plan B. We will make about 4 hours hiking in the middle of a forest of olive trees, along the coast , with beautiful view points and under a generous sun ( that is conducive to a good perspiration ) . Return by the same route enhanced by some photos poses.
Back to Parga and after a good shower, we bosses lunch in Spanish in a restaurant by the sea On the menu: swordfish and octopus for me to Camille . A treat.
However, gradually the sky sailing and the beautiful blue sky this morning has been devoured by clouds increasingly gray. We still decide to go to the castle Anthoussa fortress of Ali Pasha. Again, this is a ruin , but with a view of the entire region of Parga . Moreover, it was the purpose of the construction. I take some pictures . Expected to sunset without much hope given the density of clouds. And brocouille comes as some say ( passage may be difficult to translate for our English-speaking friends).

Tomorrow we leave Parga with some regrets, because even if the weather is poor, our hotel is very nice, well placed with a great view and the best: the sound of waves . Well, it still goes to Delphi and its famous ancient site.

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