Parga, soon the sea

After breakfast again plentiful, we left Meteora towards Parga along the Ionian Sea. We assume without much regret because the sky is covered more than yesterday. Moreover, the path does not look sunnier . And this is indeed confirmed during almost three hours of mountain road that separates us from the sea We take all the same colors of autumn and low clouds in the trees .

Parga gives us our first real glimpses of blue sky and our first sunshine. So after the obligatory steps that are moving to the hotel and restaurant in the passage (sardines and fried small fish … we are on the water! ) , We go to visit the city. Parga is located in a cove and is built like an amphitheater . This means that some streets are very steep . And we will report immediately by going to the beach Valtos the other side of the creek. Before switching , we stop at the top where hangs the castle of Parga : an old ruined fort . This allows me to take some pictures of the amphitheater. Then we return to Valtos . This is a very large and beautiful beach (though it deserves a little cleaning and some repair installation). Water takes beautiful turquoise shades as the sun comes light . We do not try swimming. We then ascend to the heights of Parga and do again step castle history to repeat some pictures. The sun has set and it ‘s time to go .

On the way back , we stopped at the travel agency that I contacted there two weeks . I wanted to book a boat trip to the islands of Paxos and Anti- Paxos . Given the current weather and that provided for tomorrow ‘s ride is canceled, and we will not have the chance to see these beautiful landscapes that have the air. But we have a plan B.

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