On the way to the Oracle

Parga We leave this morning for Delphi and its ancient site. We assume no regrets because it rained a big part of the night and the sky is very overcast this morning. We would not have been able to ship today. Come on, let’s go for 4 hours by car. We will use Greek landscapes along the coast to the south.
We arrive in Delphi at 15.30 , and after dropping off our luggage at the hotel , we go directly to the ancient site of Delphi to begin our planned visit in 2 steps. A step this afternoon and tomorrow morning step . Reminder on Delphi pulled from Wikipedia: ” Delphi is the site of a Panhellenic sanctuary where the oracle of Apollo spoke through his prophetess , the Pythia .” View that we are on a setting sun ( the sun’s position , it is important to make good shooting) , we start with the lower part of the site: the temple of Athena Pronaia . We spend a little time here because this temple , or what remains of it, is extremely photogenic , especially with good light conditions. We then go to the main part of the site where we will admire the treasure among other Athenian , the Apollo (once what remains yet) temple and theater. We are the last on the site and we are closing.

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