First day in Meteora

We arrived yesterday morning in Athens. We recovered the car rental and management Meteora in northern Greece . For those who do not make the connection , this is the site where monasteries are perched on rocky peaks . A site to see! We arrived mid afternoon , which gave us time to do some tracking . For now , the sky is heavily overcast and a priori , it should stay for 2 days ahead: hope qu’Appolon deign let us see his car from time to time .
This morning we take our time because as I mentioned above , cloud cover is dense and 1 hour earlier or later, it will not change much. And we enjoy the great breakfast from the hotel.
Then we start back on the sites that I spotted yesterday. The beginning of the day is devoted to photos. The light is filtered through the clouds, when I did not worry me too much of the sun’s position. However, this makes the pictures a little flat . I try to adapt. As it is not very hot this morning , Camille does not come back quickly and long in the car. After a rather long first photo session we visit a first monastery Roussanou . There are 6 . Not sure we visit all . Apart from the monastery of the Great Meteor is the largest and we will now visit the other monasteries are not very large, and we spend about 30 minutes on average.
We visit the monastery of the Great Meteor after a photo stop . We spend more time in this monastery because there are many things to see. In the process, we go to the Monastery Varlaam which is just next door. But it should be noted that these monasteries are not the same opening and not the day of closing times . So we have to come back tomorrow.
We end the day side of the Monastery of Aghia Triada for some photos . This is one of the most impressive and I hope, I dream of a nice light at sunset … It will not be tonight , and I can go on dreaming in the arms of Morpheus !

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