Well, it has not missed , the night was awful . On the one hand because I had a stomach ache and secondly because the room has soundproofing … no, because the room has no sound insulation. I’ll make a point about the hotel. In fact, it is not quite a hotel. This is a coffee shop that offers 2 bedrooms … well, I think. The room we have is brand new, ultra-modern, with a fantastic view of the Acropolis. In contrast, in the bedroom, a door leads into the restaurant, and the door lets us enjoy the atmosphere in the restaurant. Suffice to say that it is noisy . With better insulation, it would be the perfect room . Damage.
We spend the first morning in the room, just to enjoy the quiet morning and in addition , for me, to give me a little state. The afternoon looks complicated . We start around 14h and it’s hot … should not be far from 28 ° C. And we begin a tour of the city at a (very slow slow ) pace unusual for me but Camille enjoys a little more. We spend thirty minutes on the site of the Agora as it closes at 15h . No problem, we can come back tomorrow. And then we continue in the city. It’s Sunday and there’s people everywhere … and since I fart not great shape , it’s me drunk a little literal sense. To follow our journey of the day, it’s simple: we tour the Acropolis and we will end the day at the monument Philipappos . This surely tell you anything , but it is here that many classic photos of the Acropolis are taken. So we will make the sunset here .
We end the day in a coffee shop history of eating a dish a bit of: pasta. For this night , Camille leaves her earplugs and I am so tired that I fall asleep quickly.

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