Athens, second day

The night was a little better because there was less noise and then we were slammed . However, the morning will start with a bang for me. Camille is obliged to fetch my magical weapons in such situations : Coca- Cola (sorry Olive , no Pepsi ) and Imodium . I ‘ll spare you the details. We still go once in the morning rest. Camille takes a good breakfast while I eat some biscuits .
Around noon , the situation seems to have stabilized . We start our second half-day visit.
We return to the Agora we started to visit for 15 minutes yesterday . We’ll spend a little more time today because the Temple of Hephaestus which is on this site is really well preserved. But it’s the only thing I found of interest.
Then towards the Acropolis. From the city, the monuments seem impressive. And when we get on stage, but they are always a little less. The site is under construction so it breaks a little the beautiful picture postcard of the whole, and it limits me in terms of pictures . We still spend a good time to contemplate monuments steeped in history and contemplate a city that seems to extend to all sides and more or less anarchic . We do not find the power of Paris or London class . I do not really hang .
Third site of the day, we had also approached yesterday: the temple of Zeus , again what remains ‘ that is to say the columns. But what columns. They are imposing leaving imagine a colossal temple.
It is already 17h and as I want to take pictures of the sunset from our terrace, we return to the hotel. Today, we have toured the Acropolis, but varying pleasures. We did it the other way !
Tonight , we must also prepare our luggage as we leave early tomorrow morning. The taxi picks us up at 3:30 . Yes you read that right. Note flight departs at 5:30 and it must be 45 minutes to go to the airport from the hotel.
It’s going to be very hard!

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