A day with 2 temples

I leave this morning without Camille to remake the upper part of the ancient site opening . Twofold: to enjoy a good light and avoid the crowds . So at 7:20 , I took off from the hotel. I have 2 hours to re- turn if I want to take breakfast at the hotel. It’s really nice to be the only tourist on the site. I take full advantage and I go even to the point that we had not had time to see yesterday. Camille did not miss anything …
I go back to the hotel to take my breakfast with Camille . We pack our stuff , we leave the hotel and go to visit the museum of Delphi. This is a nice little museum with beautiful pieces and we easily go 1:30 .
It is now time to go to our last step mainland Athens . But before reaching Athens, we will make a detour to the south of Cape Sunion Hellenic capital. Why Cape Sunion , well I ‘ll tell you ( it reminds me of someone) . This is Cape Sunion , at the southern tip of Greece Temple of Poseidon that e dominates the Aegean Sea. And this is where we will enjoy the sunset. Since we arrive at 17h , this leaves us 2 hours to wait. There are worse places to wait.
We must now return to the airport to get the rental car . Done without problem. We then take a taxi to take us to our hotel in Athens. And meanwhile , I’m getting good stomach cramps . This foreshadows a bad night …

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